Are you planning to go overlanding…BUT you aren’t sure which 4WD will best suit your overland dreams? Getting that choice right is EVERYTHING!

Choosing a 4WD

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some expert advice you can trust before you invest your hard-earned cash in an overlanding vehicle?


Take the expensive guesswork out of buying and equipping your Overlander.  

Buying and equipping a 4WD vehicle for overlanding is a big investment in time and money.  Not to mention your dreams of visiting faraway places with strange sounding names....

The vehicle you choose to take you into the wild not only needs to be as sure-footed as a mountain goat offroad, it should also perform like a cheetah on the open road.

And your demands don’t stop there.

A true overlanding vehicle will be your home while you’re on the trail. It needs to be comfortable, functional, and easy to live out of.

In a worst-case scenario, your overlander could even become a life raft if things go wrong far from help. 

For most novices, selecting a vehicle that ticks all those boxes is a big ask.  

That's where our Choosing a 4WD training comes in.

In this info-packed course, Andrew St Pierre White and Paul Marsh will teach you ALL the secrets to selecting the perfect 4WD for your kind of adventurous overland travel.


Let's Talk Modules



Overland Touring versus Driving Off Road 

 ✘ Learn the fundamental differences between merely driving off road and real overland travel. 

 ✘ Understand how these differences will affect your vehicle choice. 

✘ Watch and learn as Andrew and Paul create a purpose-built overlander.


kajabi template
kajabi template


The Basics of 4WD Choice 

What does it include:

 ✘ All the tips you need to remove the expensive guesswork from buying and equipping your Overlander. 

 ✘ Explore the various vehicle types, suspension set up, engine choices and much more. Learn what to look for in a vehicle to make a great overlander.

✘  Choosing a 4WD based on reliability. Do a deep-dive into what makes one vehicle choice better than another when it comes to reliability.

✘  Brand Choice. Understand the pros and cons of brand loyalty. 



Basic Builds

What does it include:

 ✘ How to build an overlanding Station Wagon. This is a full case study of an actual vehicle build.

✘ Learn the fundamental principles of building a reliable, functional, and comfortable Station Wagon on a budget.

kajabi template
kajabi template


Getting into Detail

What does it include:

 ✘ View a case study of building three mid-sized SUVs

✘  Learn the differences between a Station Wagon and Van as an overlanding platform.


Some of the videos included in the lessons for the Choosing a 4WD course may once have been available on Andrew’s 4xOverland YouTube. Other lessons contain new and exclusive content. Regardless, all the video instruction is now packaged into a logical, easy to follow format, designed to maximize your learning.


Get Choosing a 4WD for just $47 


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 The bundle includes:

  •  Choosing a 4WD
  •  Fitting and Kitting a Tourer 4WD
  •  Overland Operations
  •  Mechanical Prep and Maintenance of an overlander.

Two more courses will be added within the next six months. These include:

  •  12V DC Electric Installations
  • Exploring Southern Africa

BOTH offers include access to new lectures added after purchase.



I'm Andrew St Pierre White,


Known as the ‘David Attenborough of 4WD,’ I'm a passionate teacher with over 40-years of genuine overlanding experience. I custom-built my first 4WD overlander way back in 2002—a 4.2 79 LC Single Pickup. Since then, I've built a dozen or more overlanders for myself or for clients. I've written extensively on vehicle choice and have made countless videos for my YouTube channel. I know what I'm talking about and teach that knowledge simply and succinctly.

I'm Paul Marsh,


I have driven far too many miles to count in overland vehicles. I've also dedicated my entire working life to equipping and building 4WD vehicles for overland expeditions. There’s very little I don't know about the subject. I impart my knowledge in a calm, reassuring way. 


Thank goodness,

we have the perfect solution.

When you take the Choosing a 4WD course you will:

>>   take the guesswork out of selecting and equipping your vehicle.

>>    save money by knowing exactly what you want and how best to get it.

>>    avoid being ripped off by eager sales people who have their own interests at heart, not yours.

>>    be in the strongest position to make your overlanding dream a reality.

You may be wondering...


Sign up for CHOOSING A 4WD for just $47  



Purchase a 12-month subscription bundle of all our courses for just $139  (You'll get every course we've ever made and WILL EVER make)


The bundle includes:

  Choosing a 4WD

 Fitting and Kitting a Tourer 4WD

Overland Operations

✓ Mechanical Prep and Maintenance of an Overlander.

Two more courses will be added within the next six months. These include:

✓ 12V DC Electric Installations

✓ Touring southern Africa.



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