Overwhelmed by everything you need to do to prepare for your overland trip? 

Then let Andrew and Paul guide you through the myriad of details needed to ensure a successful expedition.

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Overland Operations

Planning an overland trip? 

Planning an overland adventure can seem daunting, especially given the huge amount of often conflicting  information on the internet, forums, YouTube and magazines. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Don’t let fear of the unknown rob you of the joy of prepping for your trip of a lifetime.


Just as you equip a vehicle for a trip, in the Overland Operations course Andrew and Paul will get YOU prepped for your expedition. They dip into their combined wealth of experience to share:

  • critical insights into safety and security on your travels for you, your passengers, your vehicle, and your kit. Overland touring carries some risks. But with knowledge, these risks can be reduced to nothing more than items to consider.
  • how to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for the rigors of overland travel.
  • overlanding driving and vehicle recovery skills, especially valuable for newbies.
  • the tricks for successfully negotiating border crossings and other hazardous bureaucracy.
  • guidance for must-do vehicle maintenance while traveling.

And so much more… In a nutshell, they’ll teach you all the Overlanding skills you need for PEACE OF MIND on your travels.


Let's Talk Modules




Mental Principles

What does it include:

  How to know what you don’t know.

 Negotiating border posts.

 The Emergency ‘Grab-Bag’.

 Mechanical Maintenance Preparation.

kajabi template
kajabi template


Mechanical Challenges While Touring

What does it include:

  ✘ On-trip general vehicle checks.

  Finding good water

 ✘ Water for your engine.

  Preventing vehicle overheating.

 ✘ Fuel contamination.

 ✘ Preventing grass fires.

 ✘ Vehicle checks…going deeper.

 ✘ Puncture repair in the bush.

 ✘ Suspension maintenance.


Driving Skills

What does it include:

  Driving on rural roads.

 Driving gravel roads.

 Safety while driving in underdeveloped countries.

✘ Tyre pressures and traction.

✘ Driving: Engaging 4WD.

 Driving: Tyre pressures

 Driving: Steep slopes.

 Driving: Mud

 Driving: Sand tracks

 Driving: Auto transmission.

 Driving: Wading and riverbeds.

 Driving: Salt flats.

kajabi template
kajabi template


4x4 Recovery

What does it include:

  Recovery: Weight distribution

 Recovery: Kinetic straps

 Recovery: Winches

✘ Recovery: Jacks

 Recovery: In sand with a spade.



What does it include:

 ✘ Communications

  Security around the camp.

kajabi template

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  •  Overland Operations
  •  Choosing a 4WD
  •  Fitting and Kitting a Tourer 4WD
  •  Mechanical Prep and Maintenance of an overlander

Two more courses will be added within the next two months. These include:

  •  12V DC Electric Installations



I'm Andrew St Pierre White


Known as the ‘David Attenborough of 4WD,’ Andrew is a passionate teacher with over 40-years of genuine overlanding experience. He has been exploring far-flung places in 4WD vehicles since he was a child. He’s written extensively on overland travel and has made countless overlanding videos for his YouTube channel. He knows what’s talking about and teaches that knowledge simply and succinctly.

I'm Paul Marsh,


Quiet-spoken Paul has driven far too many miles in overland vehicles to count. He has extensively explored the wild places of the planet so there’s very little Paul doesn’t know about overlanding. He imparts his knowledge in a calm, reassuring way.

Thank goodness,

we have the perfect solution.

The Overland Operations course will give you:

>>   the peace of mind only knowledge can impart.

>>    the tools to handle and overcome most of the mishaps that may befall you while traveling.

>>    empower you to live your dream.

>>    the mental space to focus on the wonder, excitement and joy of your expedition without the crippling fear of the unknown.

You may be wondering...


Get all 33 lessons in Overland Operations for just $47



Purchase a 12-month subscription bundle of all our courses for just $139

The bundle includes the following courses:

  •  Overland Operations
  •  Choosing a 4WD
  •  Fitting and Kitting a Tourer 4WD

Two more courses will be added within the next six months. These include:

  •  12V DC Electric Installations
  •  Mechanical Prep and Maintenance of an overlander.
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